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The Library purchases high-quality subscription online resources to support your assignments.  
Download the University VPN system to access these any time, anywhere!

Use the resources below to find detailed financial information:

For further help and support, please self-enrol on the BaL Moodle site: Financial Database: Access and Guidelines. This site also includes information about alternative data sources such as BoardEX and Audit Analytics. 

If you are having trouble accessing data, look at this suggested reading list for possible alternatives


• Bloomberg 

  • Bloomberg is available in the Bloomberg Suite and on some open access pcs in the Richmond building.
  • There are also 3 terminals on the first floor of the Library.
    These machines cannot be booked but are priority use for Bloomberg.

Getting Started on the Bloomberg Terminal
For more detailed queries, ask for help from your module coordinator or supervisor. 

• Eikon (includes Datastream for Office) 

Please note that this product will be WITHDRAWN FROM USE on 30th June 2025.

  • Students and staff can access 1 licence from AppsAnywhere for one hour at a time.

Please self-enrol on the BaL Financial Database moodle site and read the AppsAnywhere Eikon access instructions.
Once you have clicked on the Eikon button in the virtual client, you must make sure that you leave your mouse cursor on the black box and wait for the login and password box to auto-fill.

Additional Eikon help videos


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