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Sometimes you might want to search in a recommended journal rather than search across all publications for articles on a topic.

Your lecturers will recommend journals you can use and it's always a good idea to reference some articles from these in your assignments.

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Below are some separate journal subscriptions you may wish to explore:

This journal helps companies to decide if benchmarking is right for them, and shows them how to go about it successfully. It is designed as both a study of techniques and a practical manual, so that companies acquire important background knowledge as well as the information they need to instigate their own benchmarking programme.

This journal deals with all aspects of business and manufacturing improvements, from the training of senior managers in total quality management techniques, to innovations in processing and production which raise standards of product quality. It is a unique blend of managerial and technical material aimed at managers, engineers and academics.

Also available in print.

This peer-reviewed journal provides up-to-date research, consultancy work and case studies on quality including quality culture, quality strategy, quality systems, tools and techniques of total quality management and implementation in both the manufacturing and service sectors.


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