Finance & Banking - Recommended Sources

This page first directs you to some useful "Specialist e-resources" that are bought by the University and then there is a list of useful websites. Do remember to look at other Subject pages such as Accounting, Economics and International Business and Trade 

Specialist e-resources

• Bloomberg  (in Library only) 

Remember as well as the Bloomberg Suite in Richmond there are 3 terminals on the first floor of the Library – useful with our extended opening hours but these machines cannot be booked for use.

• Datastream  (in Library only) 

If you are a masters or dissertation student, you may want to use Datastream – a very powerful database with financial and economic data from around the world. It is available through MyApps (ie anywhere on campus). Use is limited to two simultaneous connections at any one time. Try after 15 minutes if unsuccessful at first.

• Key Note 

Please note the supplier is discontinuing this service at the end of December 2017

Key note is a database with both company and market data. It contains information on around 7 million UK companies and has tools which allow comparison of company performance against the sector. The market reports are detailed and cover a wide range of UK markets including technology and media. Some key reports also contain a comparison with European markets. The database also provides access to 'UKplc'. For final year students this is a great resource for company information when looking for employment.

Although known for its Marketing Reports this service provides useful UK Company Information including benchmarking tools and access to Company Reports and accounts from Companies House.

Market Intelligence part of S&P services and previously known as SNL (Savings and Loans) is a global financial database providing news, financial data and analytics of banks and insurance companies. Bought by the Business School to replace Bankscope it is at present a Campus only resource. First time users need to register using a University e-mail address. 

• S&P Capital IQ not in Discovery 

S&P Capital IQ offers deep global company information, credit ratings and market research with tools for risk assessments. It provides access to both real-time and historical information on companies, markets, transactions and people worldwide. Some investment reports on Companies available. Similar to Bloomberg but web based service available away from the University.


Fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks. Site has a lot of research papers and the BIS quarterly review. Links to the Basel Committee on banking supervision and world central banks

Excellent explanations of its areas of responsibility, access to publications and statistics. Useful links to related material.  Includes new Prudential Regulation Authority

Good source of research and data on investment topics such as Guide to Responsible Investment.

A specialist association representing an arm of the investment industry this organisation has a very useful links page  listing major trade and professional bodies within the financial world plus regulators.

New regulatory body for financial service industry replacing FSA

Arbitrating between consumers and financial services

Includes data, rules and regulations and some explanations of special issues

Research and reports from the Pensions Institute based at Cass Business School. Contains useful link pages

Find useful reports, policy submissions and responses to official reviews

51 stock exchanges with links to the exchanges and including Monthly Statistics with price index levels at month-end, the share and bond turnovers in value, the market capitalization, the number of listed companies, as well as volatility and turnover ratios. Also futures and options trends and derivatives market surveys

Lots of free market and company data and news plus consumer information to help you compare finance products.

Book Locations

banking - 332.1
capital investment - 658.1527
finance - 332
financial statement and company report analysis - 657.3
investment - 332.6


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