Open access computers

There are over 400 PCs available in the Library on all 3 floors which you can use with your normal University login. They are configured with the standard student software portfolio and connected to printers in the Library.

Some PCs have specialised equipment attached e.g. scanners or assistive technology. Please give priority on these PCs to those who need to use the special equipment.

A number of PCs are set up to be used purely to access the Library catalogue.

Open access PCs can be in high demand at certain times of the year, but there are other locations around the University where you can find some. A real time chart of current availability will show you where you will most likely find a PC.

The Library also has over 400 laptops available for loan.

If you are having problems, please check the Help with IT Issues page. In addition IT support staff from Information Services can be found at the IT Help Desk on the ground floor. 

For information about accounts and passwords please look at our accessing electronic resources page.