Information Literacy

“Information literacy is the ability to think critically and make balanced judgements about
any information we find and use. It empowers us as citizens to reach and express informed
views and to engage fully with society.” (CILIP, 2018)

Information Literacy is a key skill taught by your Faculty Librarians. We usually meet you in a lecture
or workshop at least once during your course. Lecture and workshop content is supported by online
learning resources which you can explore in your own time to develop this crucial skill for your
studies and beyond.

What skills do you already have and which do you need to develop?  Visit the CILIP Information Literacy website for more information.

Staff members; contact your Faculty Librarian to discuss embedding Information Literacy into your course


The library is a large physical space and an even larger online space, so familiarise yourself with what it has to offer as soon as you can. 

  • One of our most frequently asked questions is how do I find my books?
    • The Library Catalogue is a good place to begin. It will help you to locate the printed books in the library and provide links to ebooks, which you can access anywhere
  • What if you want to browse the collections?
    • Visit the Book Locations page to search or browse for a broad subject area, e.g. architecture.