Using your laptop

Library users are welcome to use their own laptops in the Library in the appropriate areas as defined by our zoning policy. You may plug the laptop into a mains connection provided that you do not unplug any equipment in order to do so; please be careful that your cables are not hazardous and show consideration to other users. You must not attempt to establish a physical connection to the University network; if you want to access the network or connect to the Internet, you will need to set up your machine to enable access to the University's wireless network.

Help in doing this can be found on the MyPort Connecting to Campus WiFi page. The University is part of the Eduroam Community which allows members to connect to wireless when visiting other participating institutions.

Library visitors who do not use Eduroam are able to access the internet using the guest network UOP GUEST. However UOP GUEST does not provide access University resources such as Intranet and internal applications.