Pride in our past - LGBTQIA+ History Month 2024 display

Pride in our past

  • Why do we have LGBTQIA+ Pride marches?  
  • Why are there no straight pride marches?
  • Which famous historical figures were openly gay?  
  • What contributions to modern medicine have been made by LGBTQIA+ people?

Find answers to these questions and more in our latest LGBTQIA+ History Month display.


Pride in our past - title poster

 Posters about LGBTQIA+ Pride

LGBTQIA+ figures from history

Panoramic image of all posters in the display

Cabinet display shelf 1 - images of 1970s pride and a potted history of LGBTQ+ Pride

The commercialisation of Pride 

Photos of protests against HIV stigma

Cabinet shelf showing trans rights protests

Photos of 1970s gay rights protests

Photos of 1970s gay rights protests