APA 7th Edition is the most commonly used referencing style here at the University of Portsmouth. Below you will find general guidance on how to reference and cite using APA 7th Edition, as well as examples for the specific sources you are likely to use in your assignments. 

Your department or lecturer may prefer you to reference sources differently from the guidance given here. Always follow the requirements of your department or lecturer. 

External visitors are welcome to use this guide, but note that your institution's requirements may differ from those suggested here.

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As live events such as concerts, theatrical performances and dance recitals are not recoverable sources, they do not need to be referenced and cited. 

If you wish to mention one in the text of your work, you can do so by giving the name or title in italics, and the year or other date details in brackets immediately following it. 

If you have watched the event in a recorded form, you should reference it using the appropriate format for the medium in which you viewed it (e.g. streaming video).