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computer science, information & general works
philosophy & psychology
social sciences
languages & linguistics
natural sciences & mathematics
arts & recreation
history & geography
see also 930-999 for specific regions
philosophy & theory of history
what is history?
education, research, related topics of history
world history
geography (human & regional)
see also 551 for physical geography
geography & travel
history of the ancient world
history of Europe
history of the British Isles
history of England & Wales
history of Germany & neighboring central European countries
history of France & Monaco
history of Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta
history of Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal
history of Russia & neighboring east European countries
history of other parts of Europe
history of Asia
inc. the Middle East
history of China & adjacent areas
history of Japan
history of Africa
history of North America
history of Mexico, Central America, West Indies, Bermuda
history of the United States
history of South America