Information skills v.2

Don't know your ALA from an ILL? Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information available? And what is 'referencing' anyway?

Improve your chances of success ...

This section of the web site will help you acquire the skills to make effective use of the University Library and the services we provide. Our information skills programme includes these web pages, workshops throughout the academic year and a wide range of downloadable guides on both general and specific topics.

We also have the interactive UPLift online tutorials which will allow you to learn about the Library and its services at your own pace.

You may also find useful information in the Academic Skills Unit  articles on MyPort.

How does this apply to my course?

The skills you'll learn through these pages is applicable to all subject areas. For information relating to your specific course of study, we recommend visiting My Subject section of the web site ... but you'll get a lot more out of My Subject if you understand the concepts introduced here.