Finding free content v.2

Whether you are describing someone else’s work within your dissertation, looking for music to add to your video or searching for a photo to incorporate in a web page, it is important that you have permission to use other people’s work. Material including text, photos, video clips and music must have been accessed legally. 

Unfortunately it is all too easy to find content that has been illegally made available online. Use of such material may be unlawful, so make sure you use reputable sites that provide access to resources in a legal way.

Here are some suggested sites that will help you to find free content that you can reuse.


Provides convenient access to other search services such as Flickr, Google and YouTube. You should always verify that any work you find is actually under a CC licence.

Use the ‘usage rights’ section to narrow your results by searching for content that you are free to use, share or modify.

A media file repository of public domain and freely-licensed educational media content, including images, sound and video clips.

This is a useful guide to finding 'good' open access research material.


A library of music, most of which is licensed under Creative Commons. A useful source of backing tracks for video projects.

A catalogue of more than 500,000 tracks shared by 40,000 artists from over 150 countries that you can stream or download for free.

Created by Kevin MacLeod and made freely available under a Creative Commons Licence, this music can be used for example in YouTube videos, video games or live production.


A variety of images that are licensed, with some exceptions, for you to use on websites, blog posts, social media, printed materials etc.

More public domain images available under a CC0 licence.

All the photos uploaded here are released under a CC0 - "No Rights Reserved" licence and therefore do not require attribution.


A collection of symbols and icons with many available under a Creative Commons Licence.