Creating ISBNs and DOIs

The Library can supply members of staff and PhD students with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN) if you're not using a conventional publisher to publish your work.  For example, this may happen if you're publishing a report, conference proceedings or another 'one-off' publication.  The work must quote the University of Portsmouth as the publisher and have the University logo and house style. We cannot supply DOIs or ISBNs for a private piece of work that a member of staff or PhD student produces which does not have the University name and logo.  

To give a couple of examples that you may be familiar with, an ISBN is the 13 digit number, written just about the bar code on the back of most books. A DOI is in this format:10.1038/s41586-018-0176-1 and, for example, it's written on a journal article's abstract page.

Obtaining a ISBN and DOI for your work is advantageous as they are internationally recognised, permanent and details are available to booksellers. They are unique product numbers, which identifies your publication/work.  If you would like a DOI and/or ISBN, please contact

Please note - while using a non-conventional publisher is appropriate in some more unusual cases, in most cases publishing via a conventional/established publisher is recommended as it provides readers with assurances with regards to quality. Read more about journal metrics and read more about choosing a journal to publish in. If you take the conventional/established publishing route, your publisher will provide you with a DOI and/or an ISBN.