Publishing through the University

If you take the conventional publishing route, your publisher will provide you with a DOI and/or an ISBN. However, the Library can supply members of staff and PhD students with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and/or an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for work that is not published using the conventional route.  This may include reports, conference proceedings or another 'one-off' publications.  The work must quote the University of Portsmouth as the publisher and have the University logo and house style. We cannot supply DOIs or ISBNs for a private piece of work that a member of staff or PhD student produces which does not have the University name and logo.  .

Obtaining a ISBN and DOI for your work is advantageous as they are internationally recognised, permanent and details are available to booksellers. They are unique product numbers, which identifies your publication.  If you would like a DOI and/or ISBN, please contact