Bloomberg computers in the Library currently lack specialist input keyboards

Posted: Fri, 1st Dec 2023

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Resolved Dec 1st 2023 14:22

We are pleased to report that the Bloomberg computers now all have accompanying specialised keyboards. 

Thank you for your patience.  We hope you enjoy using the new keyboards.

While the Library still has three Bloomberg terminals on the first floor mezzanine (in Area 1A, next to the central concrete stairwell), the colourful specialist keyboards that are used to operate the software have gone missing.  These terminals also have only one monitor each, albeit it is a large, curved screen monitor.  We are working to resupply these terminals with their specialist keyboards and checking whether a second monitor needs to be supplied to each at the moment.  Please bear with us while we restore normal functionality.  

In the meantime, Bloomberg terminals are available in the Business School.



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