The Economist is only available on campus or via VPN

Posted: Fri, 1st Dec 2023

! Please note: this page has been archived and is no longer maintained. Links may not work and any contact details may no longer be correct.

Resolved Dec 1st 2023 14:13

The Economist is working normally again both on and off campus. 

If you continue to experience problems, you can check whether it is a browser caching problem by opening a private browsing or 'incognito' browser window (in Google Chrome, press Control + Shift + N) and trying to log in again.  If this works normally, clear your browser data and you will then be able to log in normally. 

If you clear all your browser data then close and reopen your browser, and still experience any difficulties, please let us know.  Outside staffed hours, please email with your university email address (, including the time you tried to log on to The Economist.

The Economist is only available over the University computer network.  You must either be on campus or connected using the VPN in order to read the online version of this journal.  We are working to restore normal access and apologise for any inconvenience caused.



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