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The Library purchases high-quality subscription online resources to support your assignments.  
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Try these resources for information on markets, industries and larger companies - they include market research, statistics, industry profiles and more. 

Video Introduction to IbisWorld, Mintel, Statista and WARC (7 mins)

Search for and compare companies, industries and economies across the world.  Covers 120 industry sectors, 753,000+companies, 200 countries, and 3,000 cities. Includes macroeconomic, industry, company, advertising, jobs, and product launch databases. Analysis comprises company/industry/sector reports, analyst option, macroeconomic, and thematic reports.

Library Basics Video Guide (further support videos are available within the database)

GlobalData User Guide

• IBISWorld 

Provides a comprehensive collection of industry reports on very specific sectors in the UK as well as further specialist reports. Also covers industries globally, in the US, China, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Detailed market research reports on a range of UK sectors including: automotive; beauty and personal care; lifestyles; drink, food and foodservice; health and wellbeing; leisure; media; technology; and travel. Also includes access to Mintel Trends which provides evidence-backed insights on how today's consumer thinks, feels and acts.

Video support:

Additional access instructions:

The first time you access will need need to tick the box to acknowledge you have read Mintel's permissions and prohibitions and then click Continue.

Access to more than a million statistics from many different sources. Useful for finding industrial, economic and consumer market statistical trends.

Additional access instructions:

For off campus access use this link

Specialist database with articles, research reports, interactive data and case studies covering advertising and more...
Also includes some Euromonitor company profiles and strategy briefings.


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