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This fantastic resource has captured UK terrestrial TV and radio programmes from 1998 onwards for anyone in UK universities to watch for free. You can create playlists and clips to embed in presentations, as well as putting in requests for recording. Look out for all the useful documentaries. (Not available to anyone outside the UK.)

This archive contains analysis, research, debates and speeches from the Royal Institute of International Affairs from 1920-2008. Topics covered include the Spanish Civil War, the Cold War, energy security, nuclear disarmament, decolonisation etc. You can also listen to recordings of meetings and speeches as well as seeing the transcript in many cases.

Freely available, high quality dictionaries in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with translations into other languages also provided. Audio files give the pronunciation for every word listed.

A variety of reference works, including dictionaries, which tutors may well prefer to Wikipedia, and it even tells you how to set out a reference to what you find. Try out the 'Mind Map' option to see how your keyword links to others - useful for essay planning and dissertation work (use the arrow next to Basic Search to get to it).

A brilliant source containing essays, maps, primary sources and an interactive chronology on the theme of Empire across the last 5 centuries

Read in-depth coverage about empires across the world from ancient to modern times. Entries include the Suez Crisis of 1956, the partition of Africa, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Dutch East Indies, propaganda and empire, decolonization in the French and British empires, postcolonialism and much more. 

Access public opinion surveys of EU citizens on a wide variety of topics from 1974 onwards.

Key facts and statistics for every country in the world, plus very useful, background essays by country experts covering the contemporary history, politics and economics of each country. There are also background essays on international and regional organisations. The statistics are searchable and let you create comparative charts across countries.

Use one search to look across over 18 million digital items from 48 libraries across Europe. Look out for the Historic Newspapers link which lets you view a range of newspapers from the 19th and early twentieth centuries.

• Europeana 

A cultural gateway into documents and images from across Europe.

Detailed information allowing you to compare education across 33 countries in Europe from pre-primary through to adult education.

This gives a wide range of statistics on population, education, (un)employment, agriculture, industry, motor vehicles, railways, TV and radio etc. 

Data can be viewed as PDF (downloadable) or Excel format which can then be exported. When you use the search box beware - it is not just searching this source but the whole of Palgrave's e-books (which we have bought via Ebook Central where applicable). You can narrow down to this resource by using Advanced Search and selecting International Historical Statistics in the Book Collection box. Click the Reference Products button if you want to get back to the stats home page quickly.

Explore documents, fanzines, photos and newsreel footage to help understand these key decades when consumer culture and pop music took off and protest movements were big news.

Despite the name, this contains a newsreel footage section which has clips from Europe (e.g. mai ’68) and Algeria too.


Comprehensive details about the former French President and war leader.

Useful for immigration in France from 1820 onwards.

• CSA 

Access detailed results from French public opinion polls. We also have a great series of books called L’Etat de l’opinion going back to 1987 at 303.380944ETA on the library shelves which cover French public opinion on a range of popular topics each year.

• Drancy 

Detailed information about the infamous French Second World War transit camp.

Historic photos and video clips from the French Ministry of Defence

The official website of the French Foreign Ministry.

A reputable list of high quality websites about French speaking countries.

• Gallica 

Access thousands of documents on this free service provided by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF). The service also contains e-books which you need to pay for, so if you find something of interest which isn't free, please contain your Faculty Librarian.

Access the full text of 120 French e-books covering history and society in the 20th century. You will find books about the Popular Front, De Gaulle, Algeria, decolonisation, First and Second World Wars and French television - have a look and see what else you can find!


French public opinion

French video clips on a wide variety of topics including French history.

Official statistics for France covering a wide variety of topics.


French public opinion and market research

A key source of information about contemporary France. There is lots of useful information in different parts of this site but the Dossiers are particularly helpful as they cover many topics which appear on your course.

• Larousse 

Free online encyclopedia from a major French publisher. The site also has access to bilingual dictionaries.

Detailed information about many aspects of daily life in France.

Site produced by the French Government aimed at those living in France containing practical advice on a wide range of topics from housing to education

Useful information about immigration and nationality in France.

Information about current French politics, economics and social topics produced by the French government.


German history portal with information also available in English

Official statistics for Germany covering a wide variety of topics.


A German think tank specialising in foreign policy.

The official German government website

A reputable list of high quality websites about German speaking countries.

Witness testimonies, archives, and further resources on the Holocaust.

A good source of information about Germany from the early 1800s onwards.


A reputable list of high quality websites covering a broad range of Italian topics, including cinema, culture, history, literature and politics.


A key source of primary documents and photos covering the Spanish Civil War.  A large part of this online archive is Spanish language, but there are some items in English and German.

Information and survey data about Spanish society.

A reputable list of high quality websites covering Spain and Portugal, with links off to the Spanish regions.

Official statistics for Spain covering a wide variety of topics.

• La Moncloa 

The official website of the Spanish government.

A site created by the Spanish Government covering many different aspects of life in Spain from economy to culture

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