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• IBISWorld 

Provides a comprehensive collection of Industry reports on very specific sectors in the UK, US and China.

Detailed market research reports on a range of UK sectors including: automotive; beauty and personal care; lifestyles; drink, food and foodservice; health and wellbeing; leisure; media; technology; and travel. Also includes access to Mintel Trends which provides evidence-backed insights on how today's consumer thinks, feels and acts.

Using Mintel Reports and Using the Interactive Databook videos

• Passport 

Find and exploit a huge amount of market and socio-demographic data from countries round the world. Explore country profiles, consumer markets, industry and company information.

SLIDES: How to get data from Passport - 10 steps
VIDEO:  How to use Passport (10 mins)

Additional access instructions:

First time users need to register. See this FAQ: How do I access Passport

Access to more than a million statistics from many different sources. Useful for finding industrial, economic and consumer market statistical trends.

Additional access instructions:

For off campus access use this link

Specialist database with articles, research reports and case studies covering advertising and more...

Video Introduction to WARC


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