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The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) HE Licence

The CLA is the UK’s reproduction rights organisation which was set up by authors and publishers to license the copying of books, journals and periodicals. The CLA is responsible for distributing fees between rights holders whose work has been photocopied or scanned.

The University of Portsmouth has a CLA Higher Education Licence that enables the copying or scanning of licensed material for electronic delivery to students of designated courses/modules over a secure network. As a licensed institution we can:

Excluded categories

Some categories and individual works are excluded and therefore cannot be copied at all under the CLA Licence. These include:

Please note also that a number of publishers and authors are not mandated by the CLA and therefore all or some of their publications may not be copied under the terms of the CLA licence. Details about excluded categories and works that cannot be copied can be found here: https://www.cla.co.uk/excluded/he-print

CLA issues its licences on behalf of copyright owners on a broad ‘inclusive’ basis whereby every book, journal, magazine or other periodical published in the UK is included in its licences except where a copyright owner does not wish to participate, in which case they are free to opt out of the scheme and their works, or in some cases specifically identified works, are then excluded from CLA licence coverage. Organisations based in countries overseas typically grant CLA authority to issue licences to copy on a similar basis to CLA’s. In the United States the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) has always operated on a different basis whereby only the works of those US publishers who have chosen to participate in CCC licences are included. You may therefore find that works published exclusively in the USA will be excluded and cannot be copied.

There are also a number of important points to note:

Copyright notice

The CLA recommends that its HE Copyright Notice, advising users what can be copied under the licence, should be downloaded to be printed and displayed beside all fixed location copying machines in the University. 

Digital Copies

If you wish to make scanned extracts from books, magazines or journals available to your students then

  1.   the item you require must be on a reading list, and
  2.   the digital copy must have been requested via the Library’s Request Digitisation service, which uses the Talis Aspire Digitised Content system (TADC).

 Staff may no longer scan extracts of published works themselves and upload them to Moodle.

 All digital copies have to be reported to the CLA, a process that used to be processed manually. Following an agreement between Talis and the CLA we are now able to use TADC to provide automatic reports to the CLA. The service does not allow split reporting, which is why all digitisations have to be arranged by the Library.

 If you have any questions about the creation of digital copies then please contact the University’s CLA Licence Co-ordinator: David Sherren david.sherren@port.ac.uk