• Library building closed. Do not return books until further notice.

Group study rooms

The following Library facilities can be booked for use by groups who need to work together on projects:

8 group study rooms

  • Located on the 1st and 2nd floors
  • Rooms 1.02 and 2.06 may be booked for 2-8 people; the other group study rooms may be booked for 2 - 6 people.
  • Group study rooms may not be booked for individual study.
  • Different group study rooms are different sizes.  While all have display screens, the exact equipment and the maximum group size that can share the rooms varies.  Details are available through the online booking system. Click on the blue (i) icon beside each room for full details.
  • In some group study rooms you need to supply a laptop. Laptops may be borrowed from the lockers on the ground floor. You may also need to provide your own VGA or HDMI connecting cable to use the display screen.

Meetings Room

  • Located on the ground floor.
  • Can be booked for a group (seats up to 11 people): this may not be used for individual study.
  • Includes projector and pc for use by the group.

Setting up the VPN

If you are off campus, you'll need to use the University VPN (Virtual Private Network) to book a study room. For instructions on setting up the VPN for your particular device, visit the Work Anywhere page on My Port for more information.


  • Each room can be booked for 1 hour. 
  • You can book two 1 hour bookings together but you will be issued two PINs for these two bookings.
  • You can make a maximum of 2 bookings a day, 7 bookings a week, and 30 bookings a month. (Cancelled bookings are not included in the count, but 'no-shows' are).
  • The person who booked the room should be present for the whole of the booking period and remains responsible for the group’s use of the room during the booking. This is in case there is any damage to the facility reported.
  • Please clear your room 5 minutes prior to the end of the booking period, so it is ready for the next group, to aid hand-over between groups.

Booking Using the Kiosk

  • Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance, using the kiosk.
  • When you make a booking on the kiosk, you will be issued a receipt noting the room number, date & time and your PIN. You will need to keep the receipt until you are ready to claim your room. You can share the PIN with the other members of your group.

Booking Online

  • Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance, using the online booking system
  • When you make a booking online, you must take a note of the room number, date & time and your PIN as you will need it to claim your room.  You can share the PIN with the other members of your group.

To Claim a Room Booked Online or by Kiosk

  • To claim your room, go to the room you have booked.  The wall box will read Room booked and ready.  Scan card to enter. Scan your student/staff card on the card logo; you will then be asked to key in the PIN.
  • If you are not able to claim the room in person, or if you are using a temporary pass (which will not work on the door controller), another member of your group can scan their student/staff card and key in the PIN.
  • If a room is not claimed within 15 minutes of the booked time it will be freed up for booking by other users. You will be asked to leave the room if someone else books it.
  • If you have booked to use the same group study room for two 1 hour bookings, you will have two PINs issued to you.  Remember to re-scan the wall box at the start of the second hour, to claim the study room for the second hour.

Booking Using the Door Controller

  • You can book yourself into a room using the wall box at any time, providing no-one else has booked the room online or on the kiosk, and after 15 minutes if the group who booked it do not turn up. 
  • Tap on Booking Availability.  You can see the Available slots and the Booked slots.  Tap on your preferred Available slot and then scan your card to book that slot.
  • You can also use the wall box to make a booking later in the day: scan through the booking times using the Up and Down arrows.  A PIN will be issued for this advance booking and may be shared with your group members.

I no longer need the booking: what can I do?

  • If you no longer need the room, please go onto the online booking system or onto the room booking kiosk, type or scan in your Library account number and cancel the booking. This frees up the session for another person and it means that you will not be recorded on the system as ‘no show’ for this booking.
  • If you no longer need the room, you must cancel the booking before the booking slot starts. You will not be able to cancel the booking if the booking slot has already started.
  • If you have three ‘no shows’, you will be prevented from using the booking system for 14 days.

I have a new student/staff card: why can't I see my booking?

If you book a room and then get a replacement student/staff card, the new library number will override the old one, deleting it from the system. Any previous bookings will remain, and you will be able to claim them by scanning in with any student/staff card, and by using the PIN sent in the email you received when you made the booking.