Exhibition: Some Street Photography

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December 2017 by Colin K. Work (Web and communications developer, University of Portsmouth Library)

I’ve been taking pictures for over 40 years, mostly in the fairly technical areas of maritime and aviation photography, but my original inspiration was, and still is, the classic so called “street photography” by the likes of Cartier-Bresson, Erwitt, Ronis and perhaps my favorite Doisneau (if these names mean nothing to you, I encourage you to explore the Library’s impressive collection of photography books.)

Street photography is my escape from the demands of the client. It’s my chance to capture the world as I see it, and the things that grab my attention or amuse me.

In this small collection, you’ll see some of my personal favourites. Pictures that for one reason for another mean a lot to me and I think, perhaps, may have a wider appeal.

Please feel free to email me with your comments or questions. Colin.Work@port.ac.uk


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