EIS Bulletin 2007

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19th century Parliamentary Papers online

House of Commons Papers published in the 19 th century are now available in a new database published by Chadwick Healey. The database has been made available free to the H.E. Community for the next five years. To access the resource search for ‘House of Commons’ in the Subject Directory or go direct to 

Off campus access is authenticated by Athens.

Statute Law database 

The long-awaited Statute Law Database has been released to the public and the content is available for viewing and private use free of charge. http://www.statutelaw.gov.uk/

The UK Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom available free of charge to the public. 
The database contains primary legislation that was in force at 1 February 1991 and primary and secondary legislation that has been produced since that date. It includes: 

World Advertising Research Centre 

The Business School has paid for a year’s subscription to the above marketing communications database, more conveniently known as WARC. Accessible without a password on campus, WARC may be accessed off-campus via Athens, so it may be reached from the Athens web site, from the Subject Directory or direct to warc.com. It provides “the largest single source of intelligence for the marketing, advertising, media and research communities worldwide, drawn from more than 30 international sources”. These include WARC’s own publications such as Admap as well those of its partners, which together represent over 25,000 articles, case studies, research reports and summaries, augmented with best practice papers, practical guides, news and statistical data.

Sage journals now available 

The e-journal collection from Sage, referred to in the last Bulletin, is now available. The titles have not yet been added to the Library catalogue/Subject Directory, but you can access the content from the Sage website at http://www.sagepub.co.uk/journalsIndex.nav. 
Off-campus access is authenticated via Athens.


Grove Art Online 

This multi-volume reference work contains 45,000 entries on all aspects of the visual arts, plus 2,800 entries from the Oxford Companion to Western Art.

Grove Art Online offers over 1500 colour images and line drawings; links to the Art Resource searchable image database; and links to over 40,000 images on museum and gallery websites. 
Visit the following website: 

You will not be asked for a password on campus.

Creative Club 

This is the largest archive of UK advertisements covering all media and is updated daily. 
For the username and password, contact interlib@port.ac.uk

The URL for this trial is:

Trial runs for 1 month.


Our principal e-book collection, Ebrary, contains of some 30,000 titles. However, in addition to this, Ebrary have recently introduced a purchase-only collection, the content of which is not otherwise available; publishers include Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, and Cambridge University Press. We already have a core collection of titles from NetLibrary which means that additional titles can be selected individually. A relative newcomer on the block, MyiLibrary from Coutts, operates on the basis of buying individual titles with no minimum purchase; we hope to organise trial access to the full MyiLibrary collection after Christmas. Publishers covered include Blackwell, Sage, Oxford University Press, Palgrave and many others. Details of how to view title lists from these sources are as follows:


Email Ian Mayfield for file containing purchase only titles


Then register for a free account


Click Content and request subject lists under particular headings.

Myilibrary also say they will check your own lists against their content


The recent move to devolved Athens has not been problem free, with access to some resources proving difficult or, in some cases, impossible without a ‘classic’ Athens account. One way round this is to use the webcache to access the resources. This allows you to browse the Internet as if you are on campus, which means that in most cases no passwords are required (though there are some resources which require authentication even on campus). Instructions on how to set up to your PC to use the webcache are on the Library website at 

Electronic Information Services Bulletin January 2007, breaking news

This is an extra edition of the Bulletin, issued in order to inform you about ongoing and time-limited trials.


The Online Historical Populations Reports 

Makes freely available for the first time all British census reports from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with almost 200,000 pages of digitised reports and data. An extraordinary picture of Britain’s changing population from 1800 up to the Second World War.


Academic videos online 

We are currently trialling an academic video collection entitled EN-Power Academia portal. This offers a wide range a video clips on topics in engineering, construction, business and law. It also has a sizeable number of videos on general management and personnel issues. Log-in details are as follows:


Contact interlib@port.ac.uk for the username and password 

Times Digital Archive 

The full text of more than 8 million articles is searchable. You can also search for adverts, photos or whole issues of The Times. Full access will be available from the beginning of February. We currently have trial access – until February the easiest way to access this archive is:

Go to the Library Subject Directory, then type MLA in the search box. 
Next click on MLA international bibliography and at the Thomson Gale Infotrac screen click on Proceed .
When you see a choice of databases, The Times is the bottom link so click on that to get to the search screen. 
(From Feb you'll be able to type Times Digital Archive into the Subject Directory)

Free access to Palgrave journals 

Palgrave Macmillan are offering FREE online access to their complete journals portfolio from now until the 14th of February at

Comments and on all of the above are invited, either to Ian Mayfield or to your Faculty Librarian.

Electronic Information Services Bulletin February 2007

Comments and questions to those indicated or to your Faculty Librarian.


Film and Sound Online 

A new licence for this has just been signed, taking us to 2009. Film and Sound Online via EDINA is a collection of film and video footage covering a range of topics. The films are of high quality and are fully downloadable, either in full or as segments.

Authentication is via Athens; some medical material is restricted to those with a secondary Athens access permission 
Access via the Subject Directory or go to http://www.filmandsound.ac.uk/


We are in the process of taking out a licence for Grove Art Online - more details next time.


European Sources Online 

European Sources Online (ESO) is perhaps the major search tool for those researching the policies and activities of the European Union. Formerly Know Europe and before that European Access Plus, ESO has recently come under the management of Cardiff University, having previously been in the ProQuest stable. As a result, it may become available at a much more affordable price, subject to a JISC consultation currently under way concerning likely take-up by educational institutions. For us, the price would be just over £500 per annum.

We have a trial of ESO until 31 May, as per details below. 
URL: http://www.europeansources.info

Contact interlib@port.ac.uk for the username and password.

Ebsco Medical databases 

A 60-day trial has been set up of the above set of resources. To access this, go to http://search.ebscohost.com
Access is via IP and so the trial is not available off campus (though in the event of a subscription off-campus access would be available).

Newspapers online 

A trial is currently running of a database which gives access to national and regional newspapers from around the world. The print version of the newspaper is reproduced in online images. Newspapers are only available for the last 60 days, so this resource is only of use for current affairs. 
To view, visit: Library.PressDisplay.com. 
Contact interlib@port.ac.uk for the username and password.


Petition on open access 

Press reports indicate that over 10,000 individuals have signed a petition to the European Commission encouraging them to adopt polices to guarantee free public access to research results and maximise the worldwide visibility of European research. Organisations too are lending their support, with the most senior representatives from over 500 education, research and cultural organisations in the world adding their weight to the petition, including CERN and the UK's Medical Research Council, alongside the petition's sponsors, SPARC Europe and JISC.

The petition calls on the EC to formally endorse the recommendations outlined in the EC-commissioned Study on the Economic and Technical Evolution of the Scientific Publication Markets of Europe. Published in early 2006, the study made a number of important recommendations to help ensure the widest possible readership for scholarly articles. In particular, the first recommendation called for 'Guaranteed public access to publicly-funded research results shortly after publication'.

The petition is available at: www.ec-petition.eu

The EC-commissioned Study on the Economic and Technical Evolution of the Scientific Publication Markets of Europe is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/research/science-society/pdf/scientific-publication-study_en.pdf

Electronic Information Services Bulletin March 2007

Comments and questions to those indicated or to your Faculty Librarian please.


The information in this newsletter, and more, is now available in a new blog. The blog enables you to see news as it breaks rather than monthly via the Bulletin, and you can also use it to comment on news items or on other e-library matters. To view the blog, go to www.mayflog.wordpress.com


Oxford Scholarship Online  

The Library has taken out a subscription to Oxford Scholarship Online Economics and Finance Module.  This offers ‘the complete text of …carefully-selected Oxford books’.  Off campus access is available via Athens.  To access the service, go to www.oxfordscholarship.com.

Grove Art 

As indicated in the last issue of our e-resources bulletin, the library has taken out a subscription, via a JISC deal, for Grove Art Online.  Off campus access is via Athens authentication.  As yet this is not in the Subject Directory, access for the moment is from the Athens website or direct at http://www.groveart.com/shared/views/home.html


Full-text databases from Gale  

Trials are now available of two interdisciplinary databases from Gale publishers, namely Expanded Academic ASAP and Academic Onefile.  The latter is more comprehensive and includes graduate level material as well as undergraduate. Access details are as follows:

URL (both databases): http://www.galeuk.com/trialsite/

Expanded Academic 
Contact interlib@port.ac.uk for the username and password

Academic Onefile 
Contact interlib@port.ac.uk for the username and password


JISC have recently announce a new round of consultations on potential additions to the collections they offer to the HE and FE communities.  For details of these consultations go to


If you are interested in any of these collections, please contact your Faculty Librarian or Ian Mayfield


Free e-books! 

Although e-books are growing in importance in UK higher education, fears of lost revenue have dissuaded publishers from making available the books which are most wanted, i.e. those core texts which appear on all our reading lists.  In an effort to seek a solution to this, the JISC have earmarked £600,000 in order to licence core texts to the HE community, free of charge.  The material will cover four subject areas:  media studies, business and management, engineering and medicine (other than nursing and mental health) Tenders are out at the moment and there are indications that publishers and aggregators will respond positively.  It is hoped that the material will be available for the start of the 2007-08 academic year.  JISC are also issuing a contract to undertake a ‘deep log’ analysis of how the books are used.  Once the contracts are awarded, institutions will be consulted about which books should be included - which may be where the fun starts…

What do you think of Intute? 

JIBS, the user group for electronic resources within the higher education community (www.jibs.ac.uk), has set up a number of enhancement groups in relation to particular resources.  The latest of these relates to the academic resources gateway, Intute - formerly the Resource Discovery Network (www.intute.ac.uk).  Ian Mayfield of the University Library is a member of the group, which will be holding its first meeting with Intute management in the near future.

 Ian would like to hear any views you might have on Intute.  Do you use it?  If not, why not?  If so, how could it be improved?  Please post comments to the blog or email Ian (ian.mayfield@port.ac.uk).

Electronic Information Services Bulletin May 2007

Comments and questions to those indicated or to your Faculty Librarian please, NOT to Sian Kennedy.


18th Century parliamentary papers made freely available through groundbreaking technology

The 18th Century Parliamentary Papers project, funded by JISC and led by the University of Southampton , makes openly available for the first time a complete run of all the parliamentary papers, bills and journals of a momentous century of achievement, upheaval and empire.

For more details and to access the collection, go to http://www.bopcris.ac.uk/18c/


Reading list management software: pilot of Talis List 

The University Library is running a pilot of reading list management software Talis List.  This is an adjunct of our library management system which enables reading lists to be created and managed online and to link to the Library catalogue and to electronic texts including e-books and e-journals.  It would also link to online modules in the new WebCT VISTA software currently being implemented.  For the pilot, we’ve loaded over 1200 lists from a wide range of courses and units.

We need to know whether you like this idea and whether you would use such a service if it were to be retained permanently.  Please let us know by commenting on this blog, by emailing ian.mayfield@port.ac.uk, or by completing the online questionnaire you’ll find on the Library website.  To access Talis List and give it a try, go to


Trial of MyiLibrary e-books service now available 

The University Library has arranged a trial of a the e-books service MyiLibrary.  This service, which brings together books from a wide range of publishers, differs from our existing Ebrary collection in that books may be added to the collection singly or in clusters, rather than having to buy the entire library.  There is no minimum number of titles, so acquisition of e-books is very flexible and can be done gradually.

The trial is available on campus only.  Go to http://www.myilibrary.com/browse/open.asp

Mass Observation Online 

There is trial access to the above service until 18 May. According to its website, “one of the most important archives for the study of Social History in the modern era. This digital project is a multi-facteted resource, offering integrated access to the new online material, existing microfilm series, and the Mass-Observation Archive itself, allowing the user options to search across the entire Archive or by material available digitally”.

The trial is available, from on campus only, at 


New COPAC interface. 

The Copac library catalogue gives free access to the merged online catalogues of major university and national libraries in the UK and Ireland, including the British Library 


What do you think of the Library catalogue? 

Do you use it?  Any problems?  Could it be better?  Would you like to see new features, perhaps of the kind you see in Amazon, such as:

Anything else?  Please send your views to ian.mayfield@port.ac.uk or post a comment to the relevant item in the e-library blog at http://mayflog.wordpress.com

Electronic Information Services Bulletin October 2007

Comments and questions to those indicated or to your Faculty Librarian please, NOT to Sian Kennedy.

New Resources

European Sources Online

The Library has taken advantage of a JISC deal to subscribe to a leading database on EU affairs, European Sources Online. Now published by Cardiff University, this is a valuable resource for those teaching or researching the EU. For now, off campus access is via passwords: to find these out, contact a Library help desk or email ian.mayfield@port.ac.uk.


a-n The Artists Information Company

This resource is aimed primarily at artists in practice but is also useful for education. As well as news items, articles, and research papers it has advice for current and aspiring professionals, a directory, and many other features. An Athens account is required for off-campus access.


Mass Observation Online

According to its website, “one of the most important archives for the study of Social History in the modern era. This digital project is a multi-faceted resource, offering integrated access to the new online material, existing microfilm series, and the Mass-Observation Archive itself, allowing the user options to search across the entire Archive or by material available digitally”. http://www.massobservation.amdigital.co.uk/index.aspx

Times Digital Archive to continue

Following a recent trial, we now have a subscription to this service.


Translation Studies Abstracts

“A comprehensive resource for scholars of translation and intercultural studies and for researchers and teachers in related disciplines.”

Hein online

A collection of law materials, including:

E-Book Developments

Taylor and Francis remove titles from Ebrary

Taylor and Francis have withdrawn many of their e-books, in particular the most recent titles, from the Ebrary service. Most are available from others suppliers and Faculty Librarians have been working with useage statistics to decide which individual titles they need to buy. If you have particular titles in Ebrary which you wish to see retained, contact your Faculty Librarian or Philip Dance. Ebrary are ‘replacing’ the lost titles with e-books from a variety of publishers including Oxford and Macmillan Palgrave.


Over the summer, the Library has purchased a considerable number of e-books from the supplier Coutts. These will be available via Coutts’ e-book platform, MyiLibrary. The collection has been boosted recently by taking advantage of recent deals from Cambridge University Press and Elsevier, offering 70% discount on purchase of ebooks. You can access these titles by going to MyiLibrary from the Subject Directory, or direct to http://www.myilibrary.com/search/my_content.asp



ELIN, Electronic Library Information Navigator, is Library search interface developed by the University of Lund in Sweden. ELIN enables you to search an extensive range of electronic journals from a variety of publishers using a single, clear search screen; the result list shows clearly which articles you are entitled to access.  ELIN also searches the authors and titles (but not the content) of our Ebrary e-book collection, and has title listings for all of our databases and e-journals.  If you create an individual account within ELIN, you can also create a personal work area where you keep details of useful books, journals, articles and websites. Link to ELIN from the Library website or go to elin.lub.lu.se.

Note that if you wish to use ELIN from off campus, you will need to use the University Webcache

The trial lasts until the end of March 2008. We are keen to hear your views on ELIN: please send any comments to ian.mayfield@port.ac.uk

Other Issues

Online reading list service now available

During the course of the last academic year, the Library ran a trial of reading list management software from our library systems supplier, TALIS. The decision has now been taken to retain Talis List and to offer online reading lists as a continuing service. Over the course of the coming year the second phase of this project will see the addition of many more lists and the integration of electronic texts scanned under the CLA Scanning Licence. If you are interested in having your reading lists made available online, contact your Faculty Librarian. You can view the lists already available by going to

Virtual tour and Podcast tour

The Library has added the above two resources to its suite of materials provided for student induction. You can link to them from the Library Home page. By the way, this year we are not offering tours but have ‘Rovers’ conspicuously available to offer help near the Library entrance.

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