Stress less relaxation sessions

Location of UL 0.26 (Seminar Room 2_)

Sports & Recreation and the Library have joined forces to offer drop-in relaxation sessions on Thursdays to help you stress less during your studies and beyond.  Learning to notice when you are becoming tense and understanding how to relax wherever you are makes all aspects of life more enjoyable and will help you study and perform better under pressure.  To make them easy to fit into your day, each stress less relaxation session is just ten minutes long. 

These stress less relaxation sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons, starting promptly at 2.15, 2.30 and 2.45 pm in UL 0.26 (Library Seminar Room 2) during term-time from 10 October 2019.  Come to whichever you find most convenient and then apply the principles you learn whenever you find yourself becoming tired and tense.  We look forward to seeing you there!  


Stress less on the go with mindful podcasts

If you cannot make it in to the Library for a stress less relaxation session, you can always listen to audio podcasts and download guided meditations from our stress less relaxation sessions leader Stephanie Slack's blog, Grounded in Stillness.