Paying Library fines and replacement charges

You may continue borrow from the Library and renew loans online, on the self-service kiosks, in person or by phone with a small fine outstanding on your Library account. You can also reserve online with fines outstanding, but please make sure your fines are under £10.00 when you come to collect your reservation.

If there are any extenuating circumstances that lead to your incurring fines, please ask to speak in confidence to one of the senior members of staff at the Loans Help Desk.

How to Pay Your Library Charge

Pay Fines via My Account

Please note that you cannot pay through My Account if your Library account has expired (i.e. your are a final year student paying after your course has ended), however you can pay through the Online Store (see below).

If you are paying or part-paying a library fine on your account, you can do this from My Account.

Go to the Charges tab and select the Pay Now button.

If your payment/part-payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email and your payment will be deducted immediately from the Charges tab in My Account. The minimum payment is 0.01. You cannot make an overpayment here. You can pay by PayPal here. 

Pay Fines and Replacement Charges in person or via the Online Store

You can pay by credit/debit card in person at the Loans Help Desk during staffed hours or via the University's Online Store. The minimum payment is 0.01. If you make an overpayment through Online Store, this can either be credited back to your card account or stored on your library account as credit, to be used to pay for library charges in future.

Go to the Online Store
Click on Product Catalogue
Click on Library
Click on Library Charges or Invoices (for lost books or replacement copies), selecting Students or Staff/External
Click in the Amount (£) box and type in £16.90 (the amount you owe)
Click on Add to Basket and click on Proceed to Basket
Click on Proceed to Checkout
You will need to set up an account for the Online Store the first time you use it
Fill in all the details under 'Register New Account' - you must fill in any box marked with a red asterisk
At the bottom of the page when filling in your address details, you can type in your postcode and click 'Find Address'
Once it finds your address, you must click in the circle on the left hand side of the address to select it
Type the relevant name 'home' or 'work in the box marked 'Address Name' (e.g. home or work)
If you have any difficulty finding your address by typing in the postcode, click on 'Enter your address manually' and type it into the boxes
Once you have filled in all your contact details, click on 'Continue'
Under 'Select a delivery address' click on 'Select' next to the address you've just entered
Under 'Select a payment method', click on the circle to the left hand side of either 'credit/debit card' or 'PayPal' )depending on how you want to pay)
Under 'Select a billing address' click on 'Select' next to the address you entered previously
Enter your credit/debit card details in the appropriate boxes on the next screen (or log into PayPal) and click on 'Continue'
This should process your payment

Once you have registered as a New Customer, you can then login with your email address and password

We aim to process your payment the next working day (Monday – Friday)

Pay item replacement charges
(for current members)
students   staff members & external users
Pay invoices sent by the University Finance Office for library items
(for both current and former members)
students   staff members & external users

Can I pay off library fines or for lost books on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you will need to set up an account on Online Store and you need to know the student's ID number and library account number.  

Do you accept replacement copies for lost books?

Yes, we can accept a replacement copy. This replacement copy can be new or a secondhand copy (in very good or excellent condition) and should be either an exact copy replacement or the most recent edition. Please ensure that you keep details of your replacement copy order: if a refund is required in future, we will ask for confirmation of your order details before processing that refund.