Attention Covid-19 adjustments to Library services

Staff membership

New members of staff should obtain a staff card on joining the University. You can have your card produced once you receive an email from HR informing you that you can log in to Employee Self Service (ESS). 

Your staff card must be brought with you every time you use the Library, as this identifies you as a valid library user and allows you to gain access to the Library through our entry turnstiles. Your staff card is not transferable and you will be held responsible for all items borrowed on it. 

If you forget your staff card, you can normally use our temporary card kiosk to obtain a 24 hour temporary pass, however in line with the need to maintain social distancing and operate in a COVID-19 secure fashion this service has been temporarily suspended. You will not be able to enter the Library without your staff card.

If you lose your staff card, you will need to obtain a replacement card.  A replacement card generates a new issue number and a new Library number. The new Library number is usually imported overnight, however library staff can manually update this to enable you to access the library and borrow books. 


Further Information