Work Anywhere v.2

Some online services and resources are restricted to use from within the University of Portsmouth network domain. This means you normally won’t be able to access them from another network (e.g. via your home broadband provider or a company network).

To address this the University provides two services which will allow you to access services and resources from external networks as if you were on campus.

  • The VPN Service

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides the most comprehensive solution, but requires you to install the VPN software on your device. This may not be possible for some users.

  • The Web Proxy

The web proxy allows you to access many web based services by changing your browser settings, so no software installation is required. But unlike VPN it will not give access to non-web based services (e.g. N, K or other shared drives).

Details for using both VPN and Web Proxy will be found on the Information Services website

Note that some resources may require you to enter a username and password for off campus access. These are listed on our Passwords for Resources page.