Discovery Service login problem

Posted: Tue, 12th Apr 2022

! Please note: this page has been archived and is no longer maintained. Links may not work and any contact details may no longer be correct.

A recurring login problem with the Discovery Service has reappeared.  On attempting to log in, a login screen with a pale blue background appears asking for a username and password, only there is no space to enter a password.  


There are two solutions to this login problem:

  1. Log in using the VPN (preferred).  Installing the GlobalProtect client allows you to connect to the university network via a secure virtual private network (VPN).  Following a simple one-time set up, you can connect at will as if you were using a networked university computer.  This saves you having to log in repeatedly to access different eresources and also avoids most of the login problems that sometimes occur, including this one. Click this link for for stepwise instructions and an instructional video on MyPort.
  2. Clear your browser history and cache.  In the Chrome browser, you can do this most easily by pressing Control + Shift + Delete, selecting "cached images and files" and "browsing history" and then clearing these for "All time". Once complete, pressing F5 will reload the page. You should then be able to log into the Discovery Service normally.  Other browsers typically offer the same functionality under the Setttings or Preferences menu. 

Please call the IS Service Desk on 023 9284 7777 if you need advice on setting up the VPN or clearing your browser cache/history.

If the problem persists after you have tried either of these workarounds or you have difficulty logging into another eresource, please get in touch.



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