Access to the Architects' Journal is now via the Construction Information Service (CIS)

Posted: Thu, 9th Dec 2021

Please note: this page has been archived and is no longer maintained. Links may not work and any contact details may no longer be correct.

We no longer subscribe directly to the Architects' Journal.  We still have access to the Architects' Journal in its entirety through the Construction Information Service (CIS).

How to access the Architects' Journal through the Construction Information Service (CIS)

First, log into the CIS:

  1. Search the Discovery Service or Library catalogue for "CIS" or "Construction Information Service". In the catalogue, click on the "Databases" filter on the left of your search results to isolate the CIS database record.
  2. Click through to the CIS database. Remember - if you are connected using the VPN, you count as being 'on campus' for the purposes of logging in!
  3. You will arrive at the ISH Markit homepage, which gives you access to a range of engineering-related eresources. Click on blue "view product" button just beneath the entry for 'The Construction Information Service - CIS'.

Once logged into the CIS, the Architects' Journal is under the Technical resources menu at the top of the screen.

Any problems?

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties getting access to the Architects' Journal, please get in touch and our friendly enquiries team will be happy to help.



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