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American and Latin American Studies - Finding Articles

For some assignments, our Discovery Service will give you enough sources to work with.

Sometimes you may want to try specific databases or journals – perhaps your lecturer has recommended particular names as a good way of finding articles. This page lists key sources for American and Latin American Studies:



An academic journal archive containing thousands of articles on a wide range of subjects. You will need to search other databases to find the most recent years.

Specialist Sources

Try these especially for dissertation work.

This database of all the items listed in the Handbook of Latin American Studies from 1935 onwards covers any topics across the humanities and social sciences which deal with Latin America.

The US equivalent of the British Library listing 14 million books etc. You can find many primary source foreign policy documents here too.


One of the top US peer-reviewed journals covering all aspects and eras of history.  Book reviews written by invited experts form a large part of each issue and are extensive, critical, and place the reviewed work within  historiographical context. 

A peer-reviewed journal covering Latin America, the Caribbean, inter-American relations and the Latin American Diaspora across Social Science and Humanities topics.

The leading academic journal about the American Civil War.

A very popular, peer-reviewed journal which encourages debate on the many aspects of democratization which are of interest to policy-makers, administrators, journalists, aid and development personnel, as well as those in education.  The developing world and post-communist societies are of particular interest, but no area is excluded.

Highly respected, peer-reviewed articles on Latin American history and culture.

A peer-reviewed journal which gives international perspectives on the history, literature, politics and culture of the United States.

The most well-known, peer-reviewed journal on Latin America - it covers many aspects of Latin America as taught at Portsmouth.

The key peer-reviewed journal if you need articles on the history of the Southern United States.

A peer-reviewed journal which offers a multidisciplinary view of the forces that shape the Americas. Most issues focus on a single problem, nation, or region, providing an in-depth look from participants and scholars.

A peer-reviewed journal which focuses on the states, societies, economies, and international relations of the Americas.

An excellent source of peer-reviewed articles on Latin America. A distinctive feature of this journal is the large review essay section in each issue which compares and contrasts 5 or more books on specific topics (different each issue).

The key source for peer-reviewed articles on slavery, the dismantling of slave systems and the legacy of slavery.

News Services & Archives

Search America's newspaper pages from 1789-1924. Although the full contents of each paper are not available, you can search for keywords in a wide range of papers from each state and find relevant articles from this service provided by The Library of Congress.

• Nexis not in Discovery 

Full text articles from many news sources and trade journals both UK and international. Archives sometimes stretching back to the mid 1980s.

Regional and national newspapers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australasia, dating from the 1980s onwards - note that you will find Latin American sources in the Spanish section and Francophone African sources in the French section. 

This online archive includes African-American newspapers as well as titles that pre-date a state’s admission into the Union. There is a wide variety of titles and date coverage e.g. Afro-American (Baltimore), Daily Hot Blast, (Anniston, Alabama) Detroit Free Press, The Washington Globe, with the oldest newspaper dating from 1800. There are numerous ways to search or browse.

• Time 

The famous US weekly magazine

• The Times: Digital Archive 1785-2014 not in Discovery 

Search over 200 years of articles. Articles are full facsimiles of what was published on the day and you can view the article in its original page location if you want.

A comprehensive listing of American newspapers arranged by State.  Be careful to check the cost of article retrieval as some are free and others are not.

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