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American and Latin American Studies - Recommended Sources

Useful for Everyone

Explore 20 collections of documents, including minutes of meetings and conferences, press releases, fliers, brochures, press clippings, US government memoranda and reports, private correspondence, surveys and photos.

This fantastic resource has captured UK terrestrial TV and radio programmes from 1998 onwards for anyone in UK universities to watch for free. You can create playlists and clips to embed in presentations, as well as putting in requests for recording. Look out for all the useful documentaries. (Not available to anyone outside the UK.)

A variety of reference works, including dictionaries, which tutors may well prefer to Wikipedia, and it even tells you how to set out a reference to what you find. Try out the 'Mind Map' option to see how your keyword links to others - useful for essay planning and dissertation work (use the arrow next to Basic Search to get to it).

Information from across North and South America about institutions and political processes, national constitutions, branches of government, elections, political constitutional studies

A wide ranging archive which includes US Supreme Court records, books, pamphlets, newspapers and facsimiles of letters by the English abolitionist William Wilberforce etc

Latin America

ECLAC (or CEPAL in Spanish) is one of 5 regional commissions of the United Nations whose aims are to promote the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean. The site's Data and Statistics section is a key, trusted source to look at - in particular, check out the Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean .

The IDB has been a leading source of development funding for Latin America and the Caribbean since 1959. The site contains lots of useful information and a data section.


A listing of key web resources covering South and Central America compiled by experts at the University of Texas.

United States

Explore a range of documents from the early 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century covering desegregation, civil rights activities and protests, race relations and community integration, plus African American culture. You will find facsimiles of letters, pamphlets, photos, maps, legal records etc, plus oral history interviews which you can watch.

Read accounts of slave life by over 2,300 former slaves as told to interviewers between 1936 and 1938.

Access over 100,000 documents related to the study of the Presidency from George Washington onwards – includes speeches and foreign policy documents.

Access 40 years of self-regulation and censorship in the film industry via detailed case files for nearly 20,000 film projects that were submitted to the Production Code staff. The collection also includes several hundred files for films reviewed by the Studio Relations Committee between 1927 and 1929, and a small number of files for films released after 1968. The selection includes films from every studio and genre, as well as examples of important foreign productions and independently made films. The Production Code Administration files document the self-regulation process from the first submission of a script, play, or literary property to the final approval of the finished film. The core of the files is the correspondence between the studios or producers and the staffs of the PCA and the MPAA. However, the files are also filled with letters to and from theater owners, censor boards, religious organizations, government entities, and other special interest groups that were concerned with the content of films.

US legislative information from the Library of Congress.

Reports dating from 2001 onwards prepared by analysts for members and committees of Congress. Useful primary sources on US foreign policy.

Access a range of statistics from the Census and Federal Government agencies

Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement encompasses an international set of resources to enrich study in a wide range of disciplines from media studies to philosophy.

Includes the Disability Rights Movement in 1960s and 1970s America.

The official historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions that have been declassified and edited for publication. You can browse or search documents from 1861-1960.

A rich range of resources related to FDR.

Access information and detailed documents related to this President

This site gives you access to most of President Truman's public messages, statements, speeches, and news conference remarks.

Access sound and video clips, together with photos and documents related to JFK (type archive in the search box to get a link to the Digital Archives)

Access photos and documents related to LBJ

A digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through to reconstruction.

Access thousands of speeches, sermons, letters and other historic documents by and about Martin Luther King, Jr. The site also includes the King Online Encyclopedia which has information on over 1000 civil rights movement figures and a chronology of the movement.

Migration to New Worlds explores the movement of people from Britain, Europe and Asia to the New World and Australasia. Thematic areas include motives for emigration, port conditions and organisation and journey conditions.

Good for US history and politics from the twentieth century onwards, this site contains declassified US documents.

This selection from the American Presidency Project gives you the text of the primary sources needed for studying Eisenhower's Presidency.

Explore documents, fanzines, photos and newsreel footage to help understand these key decades when consumer culture and pop music took off and protest movements were big news.

Gives access to documents and photos from 1991 onwards.

An archive about racial segregation including photos and letters.

Film clips and online sources with links to other slavery sites.

Authoritative data going back to 1878 from the United States Census Bureau. For earlier years data is available via PDF or Zip files but more recent years have Excel spreadsheets available to download.

A key site for this President which includes an essay on foreign affairs.

• USA.gov 

The official web portal of the U.S. government giving access to government information and services. You will also find a section aimed at visitors to the U.S.

Key links to information about the current Presidential Administration, including speeches, statements, legislation and major policy areas.  The Our Government section explains the role of the different branches of government as well as linking to the Constitution.

Access key US documents, including the Declaration of Independence, online.

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