History - Finding Articles

For some assignments, our Discovery Service will give you enough sources to work with.

Sometimes you may want to try specific databases or journals – perhaps your lecturer has recommended particular names as a good way of finding articles. This page lists key sources for History:


The world’s leading source of articles and chapters on all aspects of world history from 1450 onwards.


An academic journal archive containing thousands of articles on a wide range of subjects. You will need to search other databases to find the most recent years.

Look out for JSTOR's collections of 19th century British pamphlets.

More Specialist Sources

Try this especially for dissertation work

Good for finding books, chapters and articles on British and Irish history, including the local history of e.g. London and Portsmouth but there are no direct links to articles found.


A popular, peer-reviewed journal which covers the history of Eastern and Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, from 1918 to the present.

A good source of peer-reviewed articles covering all aspects of history across Europe from the later Middle Ages right up to the end of the twentieth century.

A highly respected, peer-reviewed journal which includes articles on all aspects of history since 1500. This journal is always one of the most used by Portsmouth students.

One of the world’s leading peer-reviewed history journals.

Each year this peer-reviewed journal covering post-1918 history tops the charts for Portsmouth students. It covers a broad range of historical approaches including social, economic, political, diplomatic, intellectual and cultural.

The leading American peer-reviewed journal for the study of European intellectual, political, and cultural history since the Renaissance. The JMH explores not only events and movements in specific countries, but also broader questions that span particular times and places.

A key, peer-reviewed journal for social history topics – very popular with Portsmouth students.

The key journal for naval and maritime history - our subscription lets you access articles from 1911 onwards.

The leading peer-reviewed journal concentrating on oral history.

A well established, peer-reviewed journal which is always popular with Portsmouth students.

A key, peer-reviewed journal covering women’s history from the 19th century onwards.

News Services & Archives

1271 London and provincial newsbooks, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and single-sheet ephemera, 1600 to 1800.

• 19th Century UK Periodicals not in Discovery 

A collection covering the growth of readership, including magazines for women, children and leisure interests.

• British Library Newspapers not in Discovery 

Search and read a wide range of national and regional newspapers from 1741-1950.

Over 150 national and regional newspapers including the Morning Chronicle 1801-1865, Southampton Herald 1830-1900, Hampshire/Portsmouth Telegraph 1800-1900, Portsmouth Evening News 1878-1904. Archives are available covering 1800-1950, with different date ranges for each newspaper.

The text of 460 journals published between the 1680s and the 1930s. This archive includes millions of facsimile pages from a wide range of publications from scholarly and professional titles through to art periodicals, penny weeklies and illustrated family magazines.

Access facsimiles of 22 Chinese newspapers published in English between 1832 and 1953. They include the North China Herald and the Chinese Repository, which cover British/Western attitudes towards the Qing government and the Chinese people during and after the Opium Wars. They are considered critical primary sources in the study of late imperial China and Sino-foreign relations.

Use with care as this tabloid is known for its strong views but it can help with some assignments and certain dissertation topics. Search for stories or use the browse feature to flick through the paper on particular days, including special editions published in connection with Queen Victoria, George V, Elizabeth II's coronation and Winston Churchill. Use Nexis UK if you want to go beyond 2004.

This archive gives you highly respected commentary and analysis of global news each week from 1843 to 2015. Search by subject or browse by date. The articles are full facsimiles, including photos and charts. 
Read about financial crises as they happened.

Access the full text of popular entertainment industry magazine archives, including New Musical Express, Variety, The Stage and Screen International.

History students may also find Picturegoer 1921-1960 very useful.

• Gale Primary Sources not in Discovery 

Search all the newspaper and magazine archives which we buy from Gale Cengage in one go. Once you've done a search, use Term Clusters and Term Frequency in the left-hand column to help you analyse your results.

• The Guardian and Observer Archives not in Discovery 

Access stories and photos from The Guardian (1821-2003) and The Observer (1791-2003)

The world’s first illustrated weekly newspaper containing useful background for Victorian topics in particular.

A British countercultural underground newspaper 1966-1986.

• Nexis not in Discovery 

Full text articles from many news sources and trade journals both UK and international. Archives sometimes stretching back to the mid 1980's.

Regional and national newspapers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australasia, dating from the 1980s onwards - note that you will find Latin American sources in the Spanish section and Francophone African sources in the French section. 

• The Times: Digital Archive 1785-2013 not in Discovery 

Search over 200 years of articles. Articles are full facsimiles of what was published on the day and you can view the article in its original page location if you want.

• UKPressonline not in Discovery 

Access facsimile articles (including photos) from the Daily Express and Daily Mirror from the early 1900s onwards. Useful if you want the tabloid view on topical issues.

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