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Our Discovery Service allows you to find lots of journal articles all in one place. Sometimes however, you may need to use a specific database or journal.
This page lists the major databases that you have access to, as well as key journals.

There is also a News Services section and you should consider using one or more of these resources to keep up-to-date with the business world.


These bring together published research (including articles, conference papers and reports) in defined subject areas.
You can use sophisticated search options and filters to find the most relevant research on your topic.

Contains academic peer-reviewed journal articles as well as professional and trade publications covering a vast range of business topics.  Also includes country overviews, market reports and company swot analyses. 

Professional journals include Accountancy and Strategic Finance

Academic peer-reviewed titles include Accounting & Business Research, Accounting Review and International Journal of Accounting. 

• Emerald 

The full-text of thousands of articles from more than 100 peer-reviewed journals published by Emerald. Subjects include health and safety, management, human resources, engineering, marketing and training.  For the most relevant results, use the advanced search and restrict to case studies or literature reviews.

Also includes full-text articles from over 50 accountancy-related journals.
Good for articles on accountancy history and research.

ScienceDirect's extensive and unique full text database covers authoritative titles from the core scientific literature, published by Elsevier. More than 2,500 journals and more than nine million full-text articles are available in ScienceDirect providing access to the physical sciences and engineering life sciences. This resource is also available through the Discovery service. A Library Guide is available.

This database also has thousands of articles on accounting and financial management topics. Journals titles include Advances in International Finance, International Journal of Accounting, and Journal of Accounting and Economics.


Listed below are some of our most used academic journals for accountancy. 

Use the eJournals search tab at the top of the page to locate further titles.

To find individual journal articles on a specific topic, use the databases above instead.

This journal includes peer review articles on accounting theory, auditing, financial accounting and management accounting.

This is a major international journal concerned with all aspects of accounting and human behaviour including organizational structures and the culture of the enterprise.

This journal offers scholarly papers across the whole spectrum of accounting and finance. Accepting a range of methodologies (e.g. analytical, experimental, survey and qualitative case methods) to explore topics such as financial or management accounting, financial management, auditing, public sector accounting, social and environmental accounting, accounting education and accounting history.

This journal focuses on publishing research papers exploring the intersection between accounting and public policy.  Articles reflect on the interface of accounting with areas such as economics, political science, sociology or law.

This high impact journal offers articles and research reports on all aspects of accounting.  Also includes the proceedings of the Annual Conference on Accounting Research.

A good source for authoritative and detailed information on understanding the methods used in economic crime and the steps that can be taken to avoid and combat it.

This journal offers peer-reviewed articles on the law, regulation, techniques and best practice in the prevention, identification and prosecution of financial crime.

Peer reviewed original research aimed at management accountants and including case and field studies, scholarly papers, review articles, covering the field of management accounting.

News Services & Archives

Keep up-to-date and develop your awareness of the business world by using these three services:

• The Economist not in Discovery 

Leading weekly magazine covering global political, economic and business news. Includes archive back to 1997.
On Campus use only (or use VPN/Work Anywhere when away from the University).

Access the current FT and the archive back to 2004. 
Includes up-to-date business and commercial news as well as global financial markets, company and industrial sector information.
Explore data on companies, markets and investments using charts and research tools.

Note you must register using your UoP email address at the branded UoP registration page – after this use the Registered users link to access the service.

• Nexis not in Discovery 

Full text articles from many news sources and trade journals both UK and international. Archives sometimes stretching back to the mid 1980's.

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