Politics & International Relations - Finding Articles

For some assignments, our Discovery Service will give you enough sources to work with.

Sometimes you may want to try specific databases or journals – perhaps your lecturer has recommended particular names as a good way of finding articles. This page lists key sources for Politics and International Relations:


A key source for the European Union, ESO provides information about the institutions, structures, countries, regions, peoples, policies and processes of the EU and the wider Europe. The European Union Policies section gives very useful summaries on many policy areas.


An academic journal archive containing thousands of articles on a wide range of subjects. You will need to search other databases to find the most recent years.


A top, peer-reviewed journal covering British politics and Britain’s relationship with Europe and the wider world.

A peer-reviewed journal covering comparative methodology, theory, and research from around the world with important implications for the formation of domestic and foreign policies.

This international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal is a good source for critical issues related to Eastern Europe.

A top, peer-reviewed journal covering conceptual and comparative perspectives in political science.

Britain's leading, peer-reviewed journal of international relations. This lively, provocative journal will keep you up-to-date with critical thinking on the key issues shaping world economic and political change.

Examines the theory and practice of peacekeeping and peace operations as instruments of policy at an international level. This peer-reviewed journal also reflects debates about peacebuilding and monitoring of agreements, preventive deployments, sanctions, international policing, protection of aid in internal disputes, and the relationship between peacekeepers, state authorities, rival factions, civilians and non-governmental organizations.

A top, American, peer-reviewed journal covering the full range of contemporary security issues from traditional topics such as war and peace, to more recent dimensions of security, including the growing importance of environmental, demographic, and humanitarian issues, and the rise of global terrorist networks.

A peer-reviewed journal covering all the aspects of government and politics directly or indirectly connected with Parliament and parliamentary systems in Britain and throughout the world.

A peer-reviewed journal including “some of the best writing about both topical issues and underlying trends in UK and European politics” (Professor Lord Raymond Plant).

A major, peer-reviewed journal dealing with all aspects of public administration, public policy and public management.

A top, peer-reviewed journal covering IR and related fields – very popular with Portsmouth students.

One of the most authoritative, peer-reviewed journals covering political and social issues in Western Europe. It always provides excellent coverage of all national elections in Western Europe.

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