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fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Use this site to find information about the British film industry, including current news. Link to the BFI Library to search its collections.

This introductory guide includes information about making and disseminating video essays as well as copyright considerations.

• JustWatch 

Find out where to watch movies and TV series legally online with JustWatch, the streaming search engine.


fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Media industries directory.

fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

A database of movie reviews and ratings.

Access the full text of books about quantitative and qualitative research methods and many more social science research topics. Use the Research Tools drop-down to access a handy Project Planner which is full of FAQs about what you need to consider at each stage in a project/dissertation.

The TVTimes Project provides unique online access to the listings of the London Edition of the TVTimes from September 1955 - March 1985.

Specialist database with articles, research reports and case studies covering advertising and more...


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