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Find primary sources including documents and images.

Explore 20 collections of documents, including minutes of meetings and conferences, press releases, fliers, brochures, press clippings, US government memoranda and reports, private correspondence, surveys and photos.

Watch this quick introduction to the archive - please note we only subscribe to Part 1 which contains British material as well as coverage from North America.

Access 40 years of self-regulation and censorship in the film industry via detailed case files for nearly 20,000 film projects that were submitted to the Production Code staff. The collection also includes several hundred files for films reviewed by the Studio Relations Committee between 1927 and 1929, and a small number of files for films released after 1968. The selection includes films from every studio and genre, as well as examples of important foreign productions and independently made films. The Production Code Administration files document the self-regulation process from the first submission of a script, play, or literary property to the final approval of the finished film. The core of the files is the correspondence between the studios or producers and the staffs of the PCA and the MPAA. However, the files are also filled with letters to and from theater owners, censor boards, religious organizations, government entities, and other special interest groups that were concerned with the content of films.

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Comprehensive digest of programme information which Channel 4 supplied to the press from 1982 - 2002. The information was digitised as part of the Channel 4 and British Film Culture Project

• CineFiles 

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A collection of archival documents relating to the films of over 150 major international directors. The resource also includes materials describing silent Soviet cinema.

Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement encompasses an international set of resources to enrich study in a wide range of disciplines from media studies to philosophy.

This resource covers the fascinating subject of feminism over the long nineteenth century (1776-1928). It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including photographs and illustrations.

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This resource includes digitised magazines from the early 20th Century. Sources include fan magazines such as Photoplay, global cinema magazines such as Pictures and Picturegoer and collections relating to radio broadcasting, technical cinema and law.

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Explore documents, fanzines, photos and newsreel footage to help understand these key decades when consumer culture and pop music took off and protest movements were big news.

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