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Find primary sources including documents and images.

• Channel 4 Press Packs 1982 -2002 fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Comprehensive digest of programme information which Channel 4 supplied to the press from 1982 - 2002. The information was digitised as part of the Channel 4 and British Film Culture Project

• UK Parliamentary Papers 1688-2005 fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Search or browse one of the most detailed primary sources for the history of Britain and its former colonies. Reports from military officers serving abroad are included, as well as Command Papers, Bills, Committee reports. Hansard is available from 1803. (See UK Parliament link if you need more recent papers.)

If you want advice about using this source, watch this video (although the screen initially says "No content", move to the play button and the video will start)

• Mass Observation Online fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

A key source about daily life in the 20th century. You can look at topic collections (1938-65) on juvenile delinquency, holidays, leisure, industry etc., or view diary entries (1939-51) and day surveys. File reports (1937-1972) cover subjects such as propaganda, morale, popular culture, food, shopping, sex, fashion and much more.

• Media History Digital Library fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

This resource includes digitised magazines from the early 20th Century. Sources include fan magazines such as Photoplay, global cinema magazines such as Pictures and Picturegoer and collections relating to radio broadcasting, technical cinema and law.

• Popular Culture in Britain and America: 1950-1975 fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Explore documents, fanzines, photos and newsreel footage to help understand these key decades when consumer culture and pop music took off and protest movements were big news.

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