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Hautamäki, Satu (2018) Working for a safe city: demographic changes affecting city security in Helsinki, Finland. (unpublished MSc dissertation), University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


This dissertation examines how Helsinki security planning is responding to the ongoing demographic changes in the city. Previously the relationship of demographics and security planning has not been studied in Finland, and the majority of the security research in in the country has been conducted in Finnish. The research examines demographical statistics to determine the development of the main demographic trends of ageing, immigration and the increasing number of children living in the city, in Finland and Helsinki. Crime statistics and various security studies are explored to determine the security situation and security issues related to the demographic trends. Finally, the Helsinki Safety and Security Plan is analysed in view of the demographic and security findings to determine how the city succeeds in responding to the demographic changes. The research has found that although Helsinki has some successful security plans and projects in place to manage security related to the main demographic changes, many aspects of security are missing, and some issues dismissed altogether. Different resident groups are treated homogenous, and only residents who are perceived risk to city security have been included into the security projects. Improving security of the vulnerable or including residents in the security work have been left out. The greatest concern the research found, was the lack of considering the elderly in the City Safety and Security Plan. Several recommendations have been made to improve Helsinki security planning and accommodating the current demographical trends. These include urgently starting to include the elderly in security research and planning, improving cooperation between the city officials by providing guidance, opening discussion on excluding and including policies, and introducing interdisciplinary education programme on violence for the children and the young.

Department/Group: Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Course: Security Management - MSc - C2298P

Date Deposited: 2019-03-06

URI/permalink: https://library.port.ac.uk/dissert/dis13389.html