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New in June 2024!  UK political party manifestos for the July 2024 election, plus links to analysis of the pledges on climate, education and health

A leading source of analysis on Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union covering domestic politics, societal trends, economics, foreign policy, and nuclear nonproliferation.

An online media outlet providing unbiased information about events in the Caucasus since 2001.

Cutting edge analysis of the region geared toward a practitioner audience.

A unique analytical resource on the emerging security realities in the former Soviet space produced since 2004 by The Jamestown Foundation, based in Washington, D.C. 

• Eurasianet 

An independent news organization that covers news from and about the South Caucasus and Central Asia, providing on-the-ground reporting and critical perspectives on the most important developments in the region.

Academic research on security, politics, economics, and society in Russia and Eurasia.

RFE/RL journalists report uncensored news in 23 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established.

A recommended blog offering insights into Russia’s politics, history, culture and society, and its relationship with the surrounding region and the Unites States.

The official website of the Russian President, including texts of documents and recordings of events

Useful bibliography with annotations and links on recent European think tank publications about the conflict.


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