OSCOLA referencing style is used when submitting work for a module for the School of Law.  Due to the complexity of particular sources, some entries are very detailed.  Make sure to fully read each page.

This is an interpretation of OSCOLA guidance. Check with your lecturer before using this suggestion, which is based on the scheme's guiding principles of consistency and consideration for the reader.


Footnote standard form

Name of primary contributor - the Director or Producer or Production Company [Role of primary contributor], 'Title of programme' [Television broadcast] (Additional information if required, Publisher, Year ).  If available online, include the url and date of access.


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Footnote examples

C Collinson-Jones [Director], 'Casualties of peace' [Television broadcast] 5.30-8.00 (Channel 4 2003).

K Glenaan [Director], 'Derailed' [Television broadcast] Comments by Network Rail spokesman (BBC 2005).



British Medical Journal podcast, 'Insanity in the Dock' (20 July 2012) <www.bmj.com/podcast/2012/07/20/insanity-dock> accessed 15 April 2014.


Television Broadcast

C Collinson-Jones [Director], 'Casualties of peace' [Television broadcast] (Channel 4 2003).

5 K Glenaan [Director], 'Derailed' [Television broadcast] (BBC 2005).




Dr Douglas Guilfoyle, ‘The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: Origins and Importance’ (14 August 2013) <www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SOqz1Yu8tY> accessed 15 April 2014.



Collinson-Jones C [Director], 'Casualties of peace' [Television broadcast] (Channel 4 2003).

Glenaan K [Director], 'Derailed' [Television broadcast] (BBC 1 2005)